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North County is located in the capital of the motherland light outlet, located at the northern gate of the capital, strategic location is very important. The Chaoyang Machinery Factory as a veteran of the military factory, has also been brilliant for some time. With the theme of reform and opening up to open, as if in the past the military Reds overnight into a Xiatang women, insufficient capacity market is not wide, and only rely on their superiors in order to maintain funding. Originally part of the tank can produce aircraft military factories now produce only a small number of mechanical parts to maintain, if by virtue of its profits to feed the factory forty-five one hundred workers, just a fantasy. Gu Chao have to do their homework, for mechanical plant or a certain way of thinking. However, he was a director alone, without the support of party committees, and want to play a big movement to toss, there are still a lot of difficulty. How good team unity, Gu Chao is the first problem to face. By Chao care ideas, especially in the factory by the party secretary of the Korean factory to make things difficult for knowledge is yes, but he did not think being snubbed entirely to his surprise. Machinery Factory is located in North County, fifteen or sixteen light Whalley, are urban-rural location. Because the areas previously in military factories, so the government set aside a chunk of land devoted to machinery factory, there is nothing around homes and buildings. Standing at the gate, Gu Chao frowned up. Machinery Plant knowing he took office today, but even a welcome people who are not, Gu Chao can even be seen in the yard of the compound, the number of workers sitting together in twos and threes, poker is poker, tea water tea water. Really sees himself as the unitary pension here? Gu Chao heart sneer, lift step going forward. "You stop, stop, loitering Machinery Factory is your place it?" Came out from the front side of the gray-haired old man, directed Gu Chao crying. Gu Chao foothold, turned and said: "? Grandfather, I was the new machinery factory manager Gu Chao, secretary of the office to ask how to get there." Gu Chao heard is the new director, the old man looked up and down the Chao care about it, grumbling and said:. "Hairs egg a child, but also dare to come here when I look at this machine factory director, ah, but also the Bulk slightly. " Gu Chao smiled, this old man actually say the truth, in his memory, this machine factory in the end, really divestment, failed to keep. Since the plant leadership to his grim look, Gu Chao is also not in a hurry to reports, lift and walked towards the room to convey. He walked, said: "Grandpa, I just came to this factory, what are not familiar with, or you talk to me?" "What's to say, mess chanting." The old man spoke very rushed, but should know that the message has been appointed Gu Chao, nor blocked Gu Chao. The front is quite small, a bed a table. Gu Chao casual sit on the bed, and asked: "Grandpa, you work a few hours a day ah?" The old man tugged him green coat, sitting in a chair, shook his head and said:. "We are an old man, do not mess around, sleepy, sleep, do not sleep here watching." Gu Chao frowned, but did not say anything about, but the Butterfly Spring cigarette from his pocket and handed old one, but also to help him spot on and continue to ask: "? That treatment should be good." The old man chuckled, mercilessly suck a few cigarette and praised: "? Filter is good, this is better than a few smoke it." Gu Chao laughed: "not expensive, a fifty-one box." "Oh, I have three days of the box top wages." The old man and Mimi pumping mouth. Gu Chao forget about the old man about fifteen dollars a month salary. Early 1980s, as the basic wage deputy level cadres have only 40 pieces, the old man's salary should not be too low. But, according to the old man's working hours, it would be somewhat proportional to it. "Grandpa, former workers of this factory?" Gu Chao go on. "Yes ah, when the original is this plant mechanic, this is not stepping down, heat it to play to play." The old man's face is not very good, said: "This plant, ah, woe woe Debu light, not our time that . " Gu Chao will let the old man talk. This old itch to scratch, tear up the old man will be laid chatterbox. While listening to the old man narrating the history of the factory, more understanding, while looking out those workers scattered tour. Gu Chao aware inveterate factory is saved up year after year, if you want to rectify it, must be severely drastic action. "Director drill Qianyan inside all day, no matter what the day is also secretary, wage workers are not sent for four months, and do not know there is no money to do the New Year New Year." The old man sighed. Gu Chao nodded and said:. "Is a problem." The old man looked at Gu Chao, shook his head and said:. "You say you this young man, went over here doing nothing, ah, into the factory, people may waste" Gu Chao was going to say something, to see the window open a little over three from a distance. Several young men sitting on a three-wheeled, everyone has a cigarette in his mouth, a pair of airs appearance. "They are doing this?" Gu Chao asked, puzzled. The old man did not speak, his feet kicked the window and shouted: "! Little bastard you guys for (level tone) it, it made it." Tricycle passing the door, Gu Chao found the car loaded with some of the iron, his eyes would squint up. "Bastard who repairing older belongings down, let them give Woe Woe." The old man said angrily. However, the specific circumstances, Gu Chao then how to ask the old man is not willing to say, just to point out to the factory Gu Chao Committee Office of the road. Chaoyang Machinery Factory covers a very wide, Gu Chao taking the legs to go ten minutes, this went to the factory committee office. But let some of his anger is that more than a dozen office doors all locked, and direct him to eat a cold shoulder. It seems that not only the attitude of the employees in question, even the leaders also need to correct thinking. Gu Chao is an outsider is not false, but the mechanical plant such attitudes, but also let him determined to exert some Henzhao to remediation. Let it not Gu Chao attitude stream in public is not his intention, but he is now carrying Qin Zheng's military order, if not do corrective machinery factory, so not only did he tend to be mediocre in the Qin Zheng's eyes, even if Is Gu Haoran probably have deeply affected. Shallow roots, it is necessary to make achievements. Gu Chao thought here, and return to the front, after a few phone calls to find a tour Hongzhi, let him talk about the purchase of machinery and plant equipment shall issue a cement plant. Able to do military machinery factory, equipped with machinery for the production of major cement plant, or mention of. Listen СŸ Gu Chao has said, these are within the scope of their production. Got off the phone, Gu Chao has a smile on the old man said: "? Horse ah, look, the attitude of the leaders of our factory is still very good, ah, do so early ran out of the business." "I think they are doing business fart did not wake up right now?!." Old man named Ma, after listening to the words of Gu Chao scoff Couzhuo small windows look at the sky and said: "I think they have to wait for half an hour just come to work. " Gu Chao looked at his watch, already refers to half past eight. At that time working hours are eight, which have in the past half an hour, the leaders did not come to work, so how can the attitude of factory manage? Gu Chao listening tour Hongzhi call, of course, put his hand thing, nonstop drive over. Now he holds the hands of technology, the leaders of the county's towns have put tour Hongzhi as a god of wealth, who does not know the new production of greenhouse vegetable has been shipped to the Jing Lin and surrounding counties have people come to discuss business and marketing cooperatives the . Greenhouse vegetable, fresh and more words, had also heard about the theater's leaders even sold a pound of tomatoes Threepenny high prices, like fire, killing one general heading for the tour ass Hongzhi small rental in quiet lotus almost to his knees and begged to go to their village to carry out swim Hongzhi greenhouse vegetable farming. This is not just a rich opportunity for rural finance, which is also the opportunity to gain political achievements! Hongzhi busy Touyunnaozhang tour, but the call of Gu Chao has always accounted for in the first place. At this time there happens to him in the county plan, are now º Farm Bureau to discuss how to extend the greenhouse vegetable within the county, Gu Chao heard the phone, immediately bid farewell to Li Dehong, driving a pickup truck went to the mechanical plant. Until now swim Hongzhi Gu Chao inside the front smoked three cigarettes, drank two cups of tea, Gu Chao was happy to see there are 250 motorized vehicles Dodo suddenly came from a distance. Deputy director came to the workshop director, party secretary came. Gu Chao looked inside the front table, the arrival time of each person put down. . "Care less, Ah no, care manager, so you will not do ah" tour Hongzhi now exercise full eyesight, just come here to understand Gu Chao reason for him to be called, very discerning Jin said: "I think I still go red mechanical machinery factory scheduled it. these very anxious machinery needed overtime to completion, I'm afraid your factory can not ship on time. " Gu Chao also did not speak, but the horse is not happy listening to the old man, stare and said: "?. Huai County Red Mountain Machinery Plant That counts for something, now let's Chaoyang machinery plant than it far worse." Tour Hongzhi shook his head and said: "These are not so sophisticated machinery that I want is the fastest delivery, time waits for no man, that are held the ticket ah." Tag : Tiffany Outlet,Tiffany Jewelry,Tiffany jewelry lovers,Tiffany jewelry marry,Tiffany gold jewelry
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